Khanum’s creates timeless investment pieces designed to instil a feeling of empowerment within each and every woman.

Exquisite embellishments and luxury fabrics have come to define our signature aesthetic renowned for an impeccable, couture finish. The very meaning of ‘Khanum’s’ is defined as ‘a woman of class and high social status'; the name perfectly articulates our intention to create elevated, luxury garments.

Since the launch of our now iconic blazers, each collection builds upon our approach of seasonless styles and neutral tones to create stunning pieces that harmonise traditional craftsmanship, contemporary design, and intentional sustainability.


“My parents were Bangladeshi immigrants who came to London in the late 70’s. They both worked as garment makers, so growing up I learned the meaning of craftsmanship first-hand. My respect for artisan craft is inherent to my heritage and is the principle Khanum’s has been founded upon.

I am deeply passionate about the wellbeing of garment workers and the future of the ever-depleting artisan community, which is why I pride myself on Khanum’s responsible production process that champions our craftsmen’s skill and cross-generational knowledge.

I’m inspired by the diverse and powerful women who choose Khanum’s. We have an uncompromising approach to quality and fit, ensuring every garment delivers on the brand’s fundamental promise — to exist as an essential pillar of every woman’s wardrobe.”

Rokeya Khanum


Inspired by our founder’s heritage, Khanum’s signature style combines the fusion between Eastern embellishment with an injection of contemporary Western aesthetics; creating a perfect equilibrium between timeless elegance and an inherently modern feeling.

Starting from humble beginnings in 2018, Khanum’s has grown from a one-woman team where Rokeya packed parcels under the desk at her 9-5. Today, Khanum’s employs an in-house team at our London HQ where we design every garment.

Khanum’s has been featured in publications such as Vogue and is a wardrobe staple for many celebrity clients. With a loyal worldwide customer base, Khanum’s continues to create clothes women can identify with.

Khanum’s featured in Vogue Arabia, April 2021 issue.